Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today at 1:30pm

It's all starting to feel a bit more real now. I've told my parents and two friends. I'm only telling people I would want to confide in if something nasty happened, so I'm not telling friends I don't see too often just yet.

I actually think it might be Toby that's pregnant. He has been very sensitive the last few days. Last night I was reading The Pregnancy Bible and the list of possible symptoms. Toby hasn't really asked what it feels like and I thought the early days must be strange for blokes as they don't really have any signs that it's all happening. I decided to share with Toby the symptoms I was experiencing.

Me: "Stuffy nose."
Him: "Yeh, I had a stuffy nose a few days ago."
Me: "Bloating and wind."
Him: "Yeh, I've got terrible flatulence. I came home from work early last night because I was feeling ill with it."
Me: "Feeling like I need to go to the toilet but then not going, kind of like I'm constipated but I'm not."
Him: "I know what you mean. Have you had diarrohea? I have."
Me: "Not really. Loose stools and lots of windy movement in my intestines but not really diarrohea."
Him: "I don't feel well. I'm so tired. What do you think it is?"
Me: "Well I'm pregnant. I don't know what's wrong with you."

I started to wonder if maybe I'm not experiencing those symptoms because of pregnancy but maybe some other reason. They're in the bible so they must be real symptoms but isn't it strange that Toby has a bug with exactly the same symptoms, albeit slightly worse? Or maybe there's something even weirder going on here...

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