Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pump Boutique launches: Cute insulin pump accessories

Believe it or not there are actually one or two good things about having had diabetes batter its way into our lives. One of those is the amazing people that we probably wouldn't have otherwise met.

We have been very fortunate to have met a lovely family with a 5 year old daughter diagnosed about 1 year ago with Type 1 diabetes. She and Miss Chief hit it off right away. By the end of their first meeting, at a JDRF-sponsored bowling event just before Christmas, they were hugging, dancing and spinning each other around. Her mum, Angela, and I also became friends.

Miss Chief and Miss M hitting it off
When we met, little Miss M had been using an insulin pump for a few months. Her mum found it difficult to get cute accessories for it. There was plenty of stuff available overseas but then the delivery costs were a bit much. So she decided to start up her own business, importing items in bulk and then selling them on with a much more palatable local Australian postage rate. After months of gathering products, photographing them and getting a website set up she has finally launched Pump Boutique.

I have already purchased this cute little Tinkerbell pump pouch for Chief (yes! We're getting a pump!! More on that later). There are a few other things I have my eye on and as the business grows more products will be added.

Angela says that she likes to give Miss M an element of control over her diabetes and I agree that this is extremely important. Every day she gets the choice of wearing her pump or having injections. I'm assured she ALWAYS chooses the pump. She then gets to choose how to wear it, whether it be in a lycra band that sits close to her body, in a fun pouch such as this one, in her pocket or clipped onto her waist band. This is one way we can make diabetes fun for our kids and give them back a bit of freedom and flexibility. This is particularly important for pump wearers as they have to carry their pumps with them all the time, so why not make it a funky and fashionable accessory. Incidentally, Chief and M both have pink pumps! Girls will be girls.

Pump Boutique also sells items for non-pump wearers, such as this cool heart bag for carrying your meter and jelly beans (plus insulin pens, spare pump infusion set, purse, phone or keys). I have my eye on this one too.

So whether you or a family member or friend lives with diabetes, or you just feel like buying Miss Chief a pump start gift, please have a browse around the site and support this new venture by sharing the link with others. Angela welcomes any feedback you have on the site as it is still in its infancy. You can let her know via her Contact Us page.

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