Monday, July 19, 2010

The Phoebetionary: Second Edition

It's unbelievable how quickly a toddler's vocabulary develops. Every day Phoebe seems to learn a new word or phrase. The other day it was "rou", which she learned when watching the fan go round and round. I'm not sure whether she knows what it means. She was so chuffed to have a new word that apparently everything was "rou". The next day was "pa-pa" (pasta) and today she tried a whole new phrase which I couldn't possibly repeat but which apparently meant "here's my other sock".

So, as she is now 17 months old it seems fitting that I update the Phoebetionary accordingly.

baby - baby, doll
baa-baa - the noise a sheep makes
bap-bap-bap - quack quack quack. Said when singing along to "Five Little Ducks". She does the action of the mother duck's bill with her hand too. Very cute.
Beebee - Phoebe
boo - boo, blue
bow - bird, elbow
brm-brm - car. Also used for any vehicle really, such as a picture of a train.
bub-bull - bubble
cah - car
Dadie (Daydee) - Zadie (our cat)
dah-dah - water
dar - star
Deedoe - Monty (our other cat); the ninky-nonk.
deese - cheese
deet - teeth
dih-doh - tick tock. She sings this along to the song about clocks.
doh - dog
dum - done
ee-i-ee-i - Old MacDonald had a farm
ello - hello; yellow.
ho - hot
moo - moon; also the noise a cow makes
mwore - said as she uses the sign, which is putting her fingers to her lips, hence the mw sound. It doesn't always mean "more". Sometimes it means "food". Or "different food to what you've just tried to give me".
narna - banana
na-nigh - night night
nneee - knee
no - said with a Geordie accent (get in)
ock - sock
Oocie - Lucy
ooh ooh - what chimpanzees say
ow - something that could hurt, such as sharp oysters on a rock.
pa-pa - pasta
poo - I think this means poo. She has also called it 'paw paw' but I'm not sure she really knows what it means as sometimes she says it when she has a dirty nappy, and sometimes when she doesn't. And sometimes she has a dirty nappy and doesn't say it. So all in all pretty inconsistent really.
raa - the noise a lion makes
rororo - roll over (10 in the bed)
row - round
shoe - I love the way Phoebe says this. It sounds more like shhooowe.
ta - thank you.
ta-dah! - usually said when demonstrating her balance skills
trhtrhtrtrh - cat
wuff - what a dog says
yay - usually accompanied by clapping of the hands
Zazie - Zadie