Thursday, February 21, 2008

Make mine a latte, and hold the de-caff

Had a de-caff coffee this morning. It was gross. It was from the university's cafe which is not renowned for its great coffee but nevertheless I don't think I'll be trying it again. Yuk yuk yuk. Sorry, sprog but you'll just have to cope with small amounts of caffeine from time to time.

The latest news is that caffeine is not bad for a developing baby so long as you don't have more than one or two cups per day (depending on which book you read). However, I haven't been drinking as much simply because I haven't wanted to. Every now and then I'll fancy a coffee but then only drink half of it. Last time I drank a full cup, which you may remember was just before I found out I was pregnant, it made me all jittery. Also, I read the other day that weeks 6-10 are the embryonic period where the sprog is particularly sensitive to any "negative influences", which include fags, booze and caffeine so I thought I'd try de-caff but next time I think I'll just go for a weak cuppa instead.

A colleague asked why I was drinking de-caff so I told her the truth (except for the bit about hosting a sensitive embryo) but I couldn't help thinking that she was asking because she suspected I was pregnant and I may have made it obvious that I was only telling the partial truth.

I went for a swim at lunchtime and the girl who stamps our cards asked me if I'd changed my hair colour. I said no and she was like "oh... you look different". I thought "oh my god, do I look different because I'm pregnant?" but then realised it was probably because I'd actually bothered to blow-dry my hair that morning (because I'd had a late shower and didn't want to get to work with dripping wet hair) and I don't usually wear make-up for the pool in case my mascara runs. I've been wearing make-up for work a lot more lately because I think I look really tired without it.

Speaking of tiredness, it seems to be coming in waves. Yesterday I couldn't focus at work and after a quick grocery shop I got home and collapsed on the bed. I couldn't do a thing; couldn't put the shopping away, couldn't put the washing away, couldn't even manage to open the packaging on the replacement microwave turntable that had arrived. I did cook a great fish curry though, once Toby got home with the fish, but I'd been so hungry earlier that I'd filled up on milk, cheese and rice crackers and didn't want any of it. I collapsed again after dinner and Toby had to clean up.

Today I feel great. I've managed to complete the migration of two web services to new hardware, one of which included a software upgrade, as well as tend to a number of support issues and organise the team to go out for coffee. I'll probably crash when I get home but not before I head to the shops for the remainder of the $10 tops I was too tired and stupid to get on Saturday.

I heard a rumour today that I'm the new team leader. Perhaps there'll be a promotion in it for me. Maybe I'll keep quiet about sprog for a while... is that ethical? The extra money would certainly help out whilst I'm on maternity leave.

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