Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obediance and Logic

Conversation between me and Miss Chief at breakfast this morning.

Chief, on finishing her porridge: Mammy, can I put my pretty dress on now?
Me: Yes, but take your dish to the sink first, please.
Chief: Ok, Mama.
Me: And don't forget to put your pyjamas under your pillow.
Chief: Ok.
Chief walks towards bedroom with dish in hand.
Me: Take your dish to the sink first, then put your pyjamas away.
Chief: Ok. Ok, Sir.
Takes her dish and puts it on the kitchen bench.
Me: Can you put your dish in the sink, please?
Chief: Ok, Sir.
Me: Wait, did you just call me "sir"?
Chief: Yes. Yes, I did, Sir.
Me: Where did you get that from? Where did that come from?
Chief, tapping her throat: From my mouth.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Happy One is on the move

I don't have time to blog which is why I haven't been. Actually no, that's not strictly true. I haven't been making blogging a priority lately because there is just so much happening in this house at the moment and I'm stuck in the rut of just getting things done: laundry, which every day involves hanging out in the morning and putting on before bed, with folding, sorting and putting away happening every other day; meal planning, shopping and cooking; general baby and kid stuff, such as feeding, cleaning, entertaining, taking out and generally tidying up after, not to mention finding lost toys and fixing broken ones, which all takes up valuable time; and then of course there's work, the real, professional, paid career kind, and there are some developments there too; and the less exciting but equally important domestic management work, such as budget planning, bill paying, paperwork, mail, filing, phone calls and so on; and there is barely time for any of my other hobbies, such as sewing and other craft, and let's not mention the decluttering project I started a year ago. Oh yes, and the much sort after sleep and fitness. To be fair I do blog more than I declutter and about as much as I do each of my many other hobbies. Oh and I totally forgot about washing accumulated cat wee out of the carpet - my favourite pastime of all.

So blogging isn't a current priority, and I'm typing this on my iPhone so I'll keep it brief but I really couldn't neglect to mark this momentous occasion. The Happy One is officially walking. Less than 3 weeks before his first birthday and he walked across the sitting room to me, totally looking like the cat that got the cream. I say "across the sitting room". I actually mean about a metre, so maybe four steps. But that's far for such little legs and the furthest he's been yet. For a few weeks now we've known it's been more an issue of him not knowing that he can do it than him not actually being able to do it. Well, I think he's finally getting with the program.

This is definitely a step up from crawling. Now he can carry things in his hands instead of in his mouth, like a dog. I'll miss the crawling stage though. It's just so cute. And then my baby will no longer be a baby but a toddler. Bawhawhawhaw. Oh they grow so fast.

Ok, momentous occasion duly noted and finger cramp is setting in (how come the Blogger iPhone app doesn't flip round when the screen is horizontal? Ok vocab part of brain shutting down now. Must sleep.)