Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunday, 10th February, 2008 5:15PM

I'm tired.

It still hasn't sunk in. It's so easy to forget about it because we haven't told anyone yet. I'm going to the local GP on Tuesday and I'm hoping he's going to tell me what to do. We bought a pregnancy book yesterday but so far it hasn't cleared up much other than the symptoms I've been analysing are definitely early signs of pregnancy. I'm thirsty and I wee a lot, but that's not really suprising because I drink a lot because I'm thirsty.

Scanned through a forum on a pregnancy website and was amazed at how many people keep doing the wee stick tests and how they're all comparing how dark the line is. I thought you just weed on it and if it made one shape you were pregnant and if it made another shape then you might be pregnant, or you might not be pregnant. I figured once it made the pregnant shape that was it, no need to do it again. Now I'm beginning to wonder, which is silly because all the signs are there, it's just that my brain can't quite grasp it.

The party was good on Friday but I was a bit tired. I even had a beer, although I didn't manage to drink it all. I kept thinking that I had something to tell people but then I'd realise I was probably thinking about the test and I couldn't tell them that and I'd go quiet. I only just remembered to tell Libbette that a lady bumped into Mitsi that morning. I was coming off the roundabout and she pulled out in front of me. I veered away from her but she managed to scrape her front right-wing along Mitsi's back left wing. Poor Mits.

I'm just trying to listen to my body now.... it's saying "sleep and drink lots of water...oh, quick , go wee." I rode my bike to the beach this morning and now I'm off for a walk before doing my anti-sciatica exercises.

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