Friday, February 15, 2008

Hungry hippo

I'm hungry.

I seem to be hungry a lot lately. I feel like I want to be grazing on yumminess all day. If I eat a large meal then I go off food for a while. Generally I have a large meal in the evening and what really surprises me is that I don't even want chocolate afterwards... really not that bothered about chocolate at all at the moment, which is weird. Then I feel ever so slightly icky and go to bed. But the rest of the day I seem to be constantly hungry.

Bought another book last night. I didn't want to be one of these people who buys pregnancy books on every possible subject matter because I don't want to get obsessed. But the trouble is I'm already obsessed - with books. The Pregnancy Bible is good and has nice pictures in it but I didn't really know how to digest all of the information in there. So I bought What To Expect When You're Expecting which breaks it down month-by-month. I'm still overwhelmed though. There is so much to think about.

Lying in bed the other night I said this to Toby and he responded with, "what do you mean? There isn't that much to think about."

To which I responded, "only a man could have said that."

Today I told him that he should help me read up on stuff, like diet and I could tell he wasn't very impressed with that suggestion. I guess guys don't really want to get involved until there's an actual baby to get involved with. It feels like there's a huge responsibility on the woman from the start and that she's in it on her own. Which I guess is kind of true.

Saw a pregnant friend the other night and she started telling me why she chose the hospital she did. She compared it with the one I will be going to and made it sound so much better; nicer birthing rooms with a view, medical equipment out of site, hot tubs (I might have made that one up, influenced by some of the things I've been reading), greater choice of when to have medical intervention, greater maternal control basically. Started to freak me out and worry me that the hospital I'm going to will be crap and a full-on medical experience which I don't think is what I want. But her hospital is half an hour's drive away, near where she lives and ours is local to us. Seems silly to drive half an hour just to have a birthing room with a view over the rainforest. Doesn't it?

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