Monday, June 9, 2008

A right bundle of laughs

I am so exhausted.

I have been in pain for almost four days now and it has made me quite exhausted. I have lost an entire long weekend, achieving only minor triumphs, such as polishing up the ceramic hob a treat, re-potting some of my more lanky seedlings and a load or two of washing. Yippee-do.

I am in two minds as to whether to go to yoga tonight. I think it would do me good but I don't want to just turn up expecting to get personal attention and take Sheree away from the rest of the class; I really am still quite stiff and immobile. At least I can almost walk straight now though. I'm also not sure the drive up there would do me much good and, as I said, I'm so exhausted.

I tried to phone Sheree, figuring if she's okay with it I may as well go. At that point I also thought I'd send a text message to a colleague whose brother back in England is seriously ill. This chap is thinking he might even have to fly home this week. I wanted to check on his brother and also tell him I mightn't be at work tomorrow. That was when I remembered that my phone credit period had expired and I had to put my new voucher in. I bought it when I dragged myself to the shop with my mother-in-law on Saturday. She was very helpful and insisted on carrying the heavy bags. As such when we got home it all got confusing. We were all tired and running around doing all sorts of things: putting flowers in water, unpacking groceries, sticking a new shower caddy in and preparing a new litter tray for the cats. The voucher and receipt became mislaid amongst all this and I've no idea where they are. I've searched the kitchen, the bin, the recyle bin. I haven't done the outside bins but I don't think we've emptied anything over this weekend.

I'm annoyed because it's wasted money if I don't find it plus I can't use my phone and I'm probably too tired to look effectively so I could have just missed it. Anyway, I then tried to phone Sheree on the house phone but she didn't answer. I can't text message her because my phone won't work. It's all too hard and I just want to sleep. Or snuggle up in front of a DVD... if I can get myself into a comfortable position that is. I'm thinking it might be a better idea not to go and to try to see my physio tomorrow.

I'm a right bundle of laughs, aren't I? At least it's only a three day work week. I'm not even going to think about how much work I have to do.

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