Friday, June 6, 2008

Hurty hurty ow ow (week 5-6)

What a busy week. There have been so many times when I've thought "ooh... must stick that in my diary" but I just haven't had the chance. I can't remember what most of them are now so I'll tell you the predominant thought I have right now.


I have such a sore back. It's really not amusing. I spent most of yesterday on my knees bending over to administer imaginary first aid to drunken mountain bikers and agitated electricians (both also imaginary but very convincing), not to mention the unconscious, non-breathing dummy with no heartbeat. (Well, it was a dummy, what did they expect? Made us administer CPR anyway. Ridiculous.) I spent a lot of my mental energy concentrating profusely on what I was doing, so keen was I to help these imaginary victims. As such absolutely no thought was given to my posture and I'm paying for it now.

It probably didn't help that I then jumped in the car and drove 35km up the coast for my yoga class. We decided not to go on Monday night thanks to torrential rain all day, which flooded parts of the coast. This morning I got up and went to Pilate's before staggering around Woolworths with a shopping basket picking up stuff for morning tea and doing other shopping at the same time. Why I stupidly decided I'd be fine with a basket, I don't know. Bad back, basket filled to the brim with white spirit (called mineral turpentine or mineral spirits in Australia, I learned the other day after wondering why I could never find any in the shop), soda water, two bottles of juice, a selection of goodies for morning tea, ceramic hob cleaner and a pumpkin and then attempting to carry in my free hand a 12 pack of toilet rolls and a bag of cat food. Not the wisest thing I've done this week.

By the time I got to work I could barely move. Then the lift broke. Bloody marvelous. I'm just pleased I wasn't in it at the time. Every time I leave my desk I have to pause for a while to let my body wake up a bit or I literally can't walk. Then when I do find myself able to get on the move it bloody well hurts and I hobble like an octogenarian. Sitting in a chair all day is not helping. Ow ow ow. A colleague gave me some ibuprofen this morning. Don't worry, I looked it up first and it's fine in the first and second trimester as long as it's just on occasion. Didn't help much though.

This morning my first thought (which was also my last thought last night and before I realised I was still a cripple) was "ow... sore boobs". I struggled to do the seated row in the gym on Tuesday thanks to this new disability. I might have to drop that one from my gym program. The rest of my gym session was great though. I felt like I was over my virus and had a burst of energy. I went for a swim on Wednesday and that felt great too. On Wednesday evening, however, I was a tad achy and I'm not sure whether it was thanks to the virus playing funny buggers with me ("Hello! Did you miss me?") or the trials of early pregnancy. It's fairly hard to tell.

At one point this week I wondered whether I might give birth to an alien baby on account of the strange triangular marks on my skin. When my period was due I had a triangle of pimples on my right cheek, then a few days later I noticed a triangle of other marks on the right hand side of my neck, which may have been pimples, or possibly mosquito bites OR... the mark of the Triangle Aliens. I mean, what are the chances of having two triangular sets of pimples on the same side of your body at the same time? Thankfully they've all gone now because the ones on my neck were really itchy. I wonder if they gave me a super-power whilst they were at it.

I have suffered from itchy skin too, only occasionally and mainly near my belly button or on my chest. Thankfully that hasn't happened much because it is really annoying.

My lovely trim belly disappeared at the start of this week and I'm feeling a bit more bloated now. It comes and goes but I definitely feel bigger although I haven't put on any weight. Some days it's hard to find clothes that are comfortable. It's very disappointing. I was loving my trimmed belly and it disappeared as soon as it came, tantalising me with visions of flat abs and being able to disguise being pregnant for many months to come.

I also had my last glass of wine this week. It's just not worth it. When I smell it I want to taste it but after about a third of a glass I've had enough and then I feel guilty for drinking it in the first place. I read last time around that between 6 and 10 weeks the embryo is particularly sensitive to influences from its environment, including (and probably in particular) what mother eats and drinks. So from next Wednesday no caffeine and no alcohol for a month. I'm also going to try to be careful with sugar and fat and processed foods. The only thing I'm a bit worried about is our camping trip to Straddie next weekend. It's going to be very hard not to drink caffeine or alcohol or eat bad foods without tongues wagging. I'm sure Lucie already suspects and I don't know what to do if she asks me. I don't want to lie about it but I'm just not ready to tell people yet and I don't really want her and Scott knowing too long before we tell our families. I thought I'd wait at least until I see Dr Stokes on 23rd June. I told Sherry, our yoga instructor, last night because I want to feel comfortable in yoga and I'm not sure I would if I didn't know she knew. I may have interpreted her wrong but she basically told me not to get too excited, only she used the words "stay open to it" or something, whatever that means. I'll probably tell Christine, my physio, at my appointment with her next Thursday.

Not feeling too great right now. Stomach sore. Feels a bit crampy. Can't quite tell what it is but it could be due to what I've eaten today (had a couple of biscuits - naughty, naughty.) My jeans feel too tight and I can't get in a comfortable position for my tummy thanks to my dodgy back. I need to go home and have a nice warm bath with Epsom salts and do lots of stretching, I think. Oh! Are Epsom salts okay in pregnancy? So much to think about. Hang on! I'll do a quick Google and let you know.

Well fifteen minutes of searching and browsing later and I'm none the wiser. The jury appears to be out. It certainly doesn't seem to be advisable to drink Epsom salts to help with constipation whilst pregnant, but it is okay to sit in Epsom salted water if you have hemorrhoids, neither of which gems of advice are particularly helpful to me. My physio recommended Epsom salts but then I forgot to tell her I was pregnant. Maybe I'll just lie on a hot water bottle.

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