Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coffee bad

I read a forum about babies and pregnancy and stuff. Lots of the ladies on there, many of whom would normally have a coffee every day, have gone off it. I haven't. I don't drink that much anyway. Sometimes I'll have a couple a week, or one every two days and very rarely go through a phase of one every day, but lately it's been more like one a week and only when the occasion arises.

Well I went for a coffee today with some colleagues. I'd decided to have a hot chocolate but when I got there the coffee smelt so good I ended up going for a mocha. It's not like I sit in the office and think "oh I just fancy a coffee" but when I smell it I want it and when I have it I enjoy it.

The thing is I'm now sitting here with my heart racing, feeling all airy fairy and a bit light headed. I don't know if it's pregnancy that intensifies the coffee rush or the fact that I don't drink it much lately but I'm a bit worried about my little bean. His heart races along as it is so what must the caffeine be doing to him (assuming he's a boy, he could be a girl)? I wonder if it's heart rate is always the same or if it increases when mine does.

The last time I had a coffee was the day I started spotting and I'm sure the coffee rush had a lot to do with my insanely panicky reaction. I'm currently feeling a bit breathless anyway and the caffeine definitely isn't helping. I think I should try to learn from this experience and not have any more coffee for a while. But of course, that would be the sensible thing to do...

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