Friday, June 20, 2008

Nice day for a swim (week 7-8)

I just had to write a post because I am very excited. Today at lunchtime I went for a swim! I swam 650 metres which is only a couple of hundred less than usual. I am so pleased with myself, especially after almost fainting after pilates this morning (I had to sit in the car for a few minutes before I was okay to drive) and getting tired towards the end of a 20 minute walk yesterday evening. It seems fitting as the baby will probably be born in the sign of Aquarius that I spend my pregnancy swimming (and at the beach).

I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and I've been feeling a little bit better this past couple of days. I still feel queasy but not the full-on nausea I was experiencing at the start of the week. I am in two minds about how I feel regarding this. Obviously I'm relieved because I felt dreadful. I'd spend the first half of the day with my head in my hands groaning and feeling (and looking) hungover and like I could throw up any minute. But because of what happened last time I'm a little bit anxious that everything is okay. Last time I suddenly felt really bad, then the baby died and I gradually started to feel better. I really hope that's not what's happening this time. It sucks that I can't just enjoy this pregnancy.

On the other hand, I think that my illness at the start of the week could be due to stress. I got a bit upset after the spotting (had a bit more of that yesterday but I think it's all okay). Pregnancy can be quite a lonely experience, especially in this early stage. Thank goodness Toby is being really supportive, making sure I eat well and not minding when I'm a bit useless around the house. I still feel a bit queasy so that's a good thing (I can handle a little bit of queasiness, it reminds me I'm pregnant) and my boobs are still swollen and sore so I still feel pregnant. I am constantly flipping from worrying to looking on the bright side. I figure this is all just practice for when I'm a mother, especially if I have a son, which I'm sure I will.

We have our appointment with the obstetrician on Monday and I'm a bit nervous. I just hope everything is okay and we see a heartbeat. I'll feel a little bit better, I think. I'm surprised at how anxious I am. I remember Dr Stokes saying I would probably feel this way so he'd try to give me an early appointment, and I remember thinking "oh no, I'll be fine" but I'm not really. I guess he's seen it all before and I'm just being normal.

By the way, it's a beautiful day outside and I wish I was snoozing on the beach instead of stuck at my desk.

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