Friday, October 31, 2008

More Clucklette photos

I just couldn't resist popping up all the photos from last week's scan. Some of them are a little difficult to make out and a bit blurry but they're all a bit different.

I can't stop watching the moving images, especially the one of AJ drinking and sticking out its tongue - it's so cute. S/he waves his arms around and snuggles into the womb wall. Dr Stokes showed us how to find the baby's head so we can get an idea of what position it's lying in. It was breech at the surgery but when I was lying in bed last night it seemed to have moved into a lower position.

We're a bit zoomed out here (see profile shot to the left). Little hand in front of face.

A bit closer in. The umbilical chord can be seen in front of bub's face.

The chord is really clear in this one.

Not at all sure what's going on here. Even the profile looks strange. What's going on with its nose and lips?

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