Thursday, November 6, 2008

27 weeks and OH MY GOD!!!

According to my baby forum signature there are 89 days left until my due date.

According to the calculations I did today only 40 of them are at work. Woohoo!! AND I'll have 12 days to take as recreation leave by the end of the year, 13 by the time I take maternity leave. So it'll actually be even less than 40 because I decided this week that I need to take regular rest and relaxation days to prevent overtiredness and overdoing it. And, a week before maternity leave it's the Christmas break so I'll have at least 7 days off then. Oh winding down... I can't wait.

And boy do I need it. I completely overdid it at the weekend. I spent Friday afternoon up in Noosa attending Sue and Rich's citizenship ceremony which was lots of fun and got me all excited about my own (not that I know when that is yet). I'll try and blog about it on Random Thoughts soon. I was exhausted by the time I got home, not helped by driving at night on a stretch of motorway with no road markings, just those silly flappy things which I couldn't see anyway because of the stream of traffic coming towards me from the opposite direction.

That was followed by baby markets with Lucie on Saturday morning where we both totally exhausted ourselves. We arrived as soon as the markets opened and there was a queue to get in. By the time we'd parked the car the one and only decent change table had been sold. I've since purchased one on eBay for $62 (well, I haven't paid for it yet because I haven't heard from the seller; obviously they don't log on often) but we have to go all the way to the Gold Coast to get it. It's a good excuse to drop in on our south coast buddies and visit Ikea though. At the markets I bought a heap of MCNs (modern cloth nappies) all made from organic hemp and bamboo. I got three cute-arse fitted nappies (including 2 gorgeous microfleece ones). They're quite small so should fit straight away. The others were flat bamboo ones that can be used as boosters when the baby grows out of them. We both bought breast pads from the same stall for any little emergencies. I had to laugh at the lady because she had a silky breast pad pinned to her top as a demo and she described it as the "sexy" pad. Lady, there ain't nothing sexy about leaking tits!

We also bought some little outfits. Lucie got a gorgeous shawl/blanket thing, which I threatened to buy if she didn't but of course, we already have my mother's beautiful 53 year-old shawl. I bought my first toy and that was about that really. We flopped into some chairs with take-away tea and biscuits and chatted to Kaz for a while. I showed Zoe my new toy and she said "is that for your baby?" I said "yes, do you think it'll like it?" to which she gave a definite yes. It's the first time we've talked about the baby actually and I'd like to talk to her about it more. I didn't really speak to Kie because she was being a whingy bugger and the only thing she was concerned with was the fact that her lollypop was the wrong colour. Life can be so cruel when you're almost three.

Then Lucie and I, slightly recovered, hightailed it up to yoga.

Neither of us got anything done for the rest of the day but then partied Halloween style up at Betty's place that night. What an awesome party!! Everyone was dressed up. My outfit was so last minute. I didn't even know what I was going to go as but I decided after two minutes of online research to go as a Day of the Dead Catrina. This involved flying around the garden in the dark collecting flowers and sticking them in a hat before putting dark eyeshadow all around my eyes and under my cheek bones to make me look sunken in and dead. It was great to catch up with everyone but I stayed up too late and ruined myself for three days.

It wasn't helped by the fact that Guy stayed over at our place. We hadn't seen him for months, not since I was about 6 weeks pregnant actually, so we sat up chatting til about 1am. Then Guy woke us up at 2am having remembered that he was allergic to cats. Unfortunately it was the inability to breathe that reminded him rather than his actual brain. Then Toby was up and about ridiculously early and by 7am I gave up and got out of bed. I had another nap after the boys had gone out but it wasn't enough. And that night the sleep-bad nights started, mostly thanks to the incredible humidity that had set in. I'd wake up needing the loo, and find myself all hot and sweaty. On getting back into bed I'd find it difficult to get comfortable and then my mind would kick in thinking of all sorts of stuff. What if the change table isn't suitable? What else do we need to buy? When will we get around to decorating the nursery? What are we going to do about the carpets? How will I get through a day at work tomorrow? I wonder how much leave I have - perhaps I could start taking days off. Then I'd start composing blog posts in my head. I woke up wide awake at 5am, got up and had breakfast, then went back to sleep. For two days I was completely out of synch, slightly head-fucked, and unable to work.

Apparently I'm in the third trimester now. It could partly explain my sleepless nights and slowing down. I'm thinking of packing in the gym in favour of the Preggie Bellies DVD that Kaz leant me. The gym is just so hot and stuffy and I'm not getting as much out of it anymore... but I'll give it a few more weeks.

I think I've been getting Braxton Hicks contractions but I'm really not sure. I read that they can be confused for baby movements but that it feels like the baby is pushing against your tummy, usually at the top, and it goes hard and tight. I've definitely felt this. I also get a feeling quite high up that is similar to the pain you get in your bladder when you desperately need a wee. Not sure what this is.

I think I had a lot more to say but this has been a very long post and I'm off to plan my days off now.... back soon with more belly shots!

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