Thursday, October 23, 2008

25 weeks down and 15-ish to go

Wow! I am TIRED today.

I have just hit a bit of a brick wall and I'm seriously thinking of going home for a nap, despite the fact that I had great intentions of swimming this lunchtime. I haven't had a swim since last Monday, not including a quick ocean dip on Sunday.

I can only think it is due to the fact that I got up in the middle of the night to kick Monty out of the house after he spent about 15 minutes trying to open the laundry door. I'd left the cats on the patio because yesterday one of them was sick on the futon and I'd had to take the cover off and wash it. I'm sick of them vomiting on the carpet and furnishings but aside from that I didn't want them getting onto the coverless futon mattress, and I especially didn't want them being sick on it. So anyway, I put them out but locked the outside cat flap and left the back door open so they could still get into the laundry, but they couldn't get out into the garden. I woke up in the middle of the night to a load of banging and bashing and spotted Monty's paw protruding from underneath the sliding door to the laundry. I kicked them out and locked the back door but woke up a few hours later thinking, "oh, it's bin day. Must get up and put the bins out." And then of course there are the umpteen obligatory toilet visits I endure most nights.

I'm sure my belly has grown again. I took more photos this morning just to see.

On Monday lunchtime I went for a walk. My schedule was severely disrupted by someone giving me very little notice to get something done. I got hungry and had to have some lunch before I went and probably didn't leave it quite long enough between lunch and my walk, although it was about an hour.

Anyway, I got outside and thought, "am I walking funny? I feel like I'm walking funny."

And then I thought, "I can't get enough air into my lungs. It's like there's nowhere for them to expand to."

The next thought was, "crikey, my belly feels heavy today."

Followed by, "holy crap! Look at the size of it!" when I glanced down at myself.

I weighed myself when I got home and I'd put on about 1kg. I asked Toby if I looked bigger than the day before and he said yes and when I went to the gym on Tuesday Lucie thought I was bigger than Sunday.

That said, I'm not sure it really shows in the photos but perhaps I'm just used to it now. People still think I'm small for 25 weeks.

Anyway, whilst writing this my swimming buddy called so I've decided to give it a go and if, after a swim and some lunch, I'm still feeling tired then I'll go home and sleep. I'll be back later to chat about the stuff I didn't have time to chat about. Unless I'm sleeping, that is.

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