Thursday, October 2, 2008

How did I get to 22 weeks so quickly?

I was just posting on a pregnancy forum and I noticed my online signature, which counts down to the due date said "22 weeks pregnant. Only 125 days to go" and I thought "f&@*k me! When did that happen?"

Well, actually it happened today and I knew it was coming but it sneaked up on me nevertheless. 18 weeks left. Well over the half-way mark. I'm even looking pregnant now. It's so exciting and crazy and nerve-wracking and a wee bit stressful all at the same time. We still have so much to do in the house. I'm getting so close with painting the living room and was hoping to plough through some more this Sunday but it's forecast to reach 32°C and I don't think that's good painting weather as the paint goes all gloopy and won't go on properly. This just got me freaking out a bit as we're only getting closer to summer, and therefore closer to the hot weather where it starts to get difficult to do practical things, and all the while I'm getting bigger and bigger.

The shops have got this season's maternity wear in now, plus a friend donated some clothes that I can squeeze into, so the clothing situation, whilst still thin, is not quite as dire. I have also made my first purchases for the baby: some muslin cloths, which I bought in unisex colours even though I liked the boy colours better - why is it we attribute gender to colours? And a second-hand Baby Bjorn baby carrier purchased on eBay. I can see eBay is going to be my friend over the next few months.

Did I mention that my maternity tankini broke on the second wear? They didn't have any left in the shop and I couldn't be bothered to go shopping for another one so I negotiated getting half my money back and stitched it up. I don't feel like such a dag wearing random bikini bottoms, an old sports top and a rapidly receding rashie now. (Dag is such a good Aussie word for scruff-pot, uncool person, don't ya think?) Feeling quite pleased with the outcome, I promptly spent the money on some el cheapo maternity t-shirts as I've been struggling with what to wear over the weekends lately. I just need some decent shorts now and I should be able to plough on for another few weeks.

I've been reading Winnie The Pooh stories to my bump. I love those stories and having kids is going to be a great opportunity to read them all again. When I started reading the other night, Zadie was sitting at the foot of the bed. Her ears pricked up and she came and sat right next to me, purring and seemingly listening intently. The second night I read one she was in the living room and when I started reading she ran down the corridor and sat near the bed looking up at me. She didn't stay for the duration of that story but it does seem she likes Winnie the Pooh. The baby seems to quite like it too as I get lots of kicks at the end. And I've noticed Toby chuckling away as well. It seems we're a family of Winnie the Pooh lovers. The kicks after the first Pooh story were so strong Toby was in no doubt that he could feel them and since then they've been really noticeable on the outside of my belly.

Mam and Dad have been looking at flights for them and Nana next Easter and I think they're pretty close to booking. I am so excited. I am enjoying being pregnant and it just being me and Toby and having time to do things but I can't wait to see what our baby is like. Well, I can wait actually but I'm looking forward to it a lot. 

I still get tired and hungry and whatnot. I had a tired day and a fuzzy headache on Monday and decided to stay home, relax, swim, buy stuff on eBay. Then two nights ago I awoke with a nasty pain in my back, like I seriously needed to pass wind. I had to get out of bed and do a few stretches: spinal twists and child-pose, thank god for yoga. I managed to sleep a while longer until 5am but then the pain woke me up again and I couldn't stay lying down. I ended up squatting on a low stool with my head resting on an upright bolster (I was so tired), did a few more stretches and felt well enough to walk with Toby to get some milk. The walk seemed to help too and after some breakfast I went back to bed for a couple of hours until 9am. 

It was okay most of yesterday and seems fine today. I got my physio to check me out as the pain (coincidentally or not) was right next to the muscle in my lower back that seizes up and throws my pelvis out; the one that had me crippled in the early days of my pregnancy. Anyway, she was satisfied that all was well there: my pelvis was stable and mobile and no muscles seemed to be spasming so it got me wondering if the baby was resting on my intestine and causing a blockage. I don't know if that's possible but it sort of felt like I was constipated even though I wasn't and I think with getting up and moving around possibly the baby moved into a more comfortable position for me, and eventually my intestine eased up. Seems plausible to me.

It's my Gran's birthday today and Lucy's first birthday tomorrow; a very sad time to be away from home. Then again, the weather here is bloody perfect.

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