Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Latest ailment

Just thought I'd pop in and tell you of my latest ailment. As well as a a general lack of enthusiasm and vague lethargy towards my work, emphasised I'm sure by my feelings of anxiety over the lack of organisation and abundence of mess within my home, increased tiredness and a prevailing feeling of wishing I was elsewhere (pool, bed, beach, gym, anywhere really), I am currently experiencing discomfort whilst sitting at my desk.

This is not a good situation for someone in a desk job. I appreciate that I am much better off than those poor unfortunate women who have to stand all day to earn money. Suzi, from my yoga class is a 35-week pregnant physiotherapist who is suffering from varicose veins. Sarah, who is 28 weeks pregnant also has a desk job and has been complaining of discomfort for a couple of weeks now. Basically, I feel uncomfortable sitting, and eventually my lower back, hips, legs and even my shoulder start to ache. These are not unfamiliar symptoms but I thought I'd worked through them over the last few years and got them out of my system. Clearly pregnancy has re-awoken them.

I have pretty much been feeling tired on and off since my last post so I suspect that is aggravating my ailments. Around lunchtime I get tired and then start wishing I could go home to bed. Somehow I push through it and don't nap but I suspect that just once I should give in and perhaps I will then feel better. I've hardly been taking it easy. At the weekend Toby and I unpacked boxes of books and arranged them in a library on the bookshelves Toby built. I also sorted out some boxes from the study so that we can turn that into our spare room. I had two things I really wanted to get done though. First, to finish pulling the painters tape from around the kitchen window, sand the bits where the paint has peeled and begin the touch-up job. This requires much preparation as the kitchen sink is under the window and constantly has dishes either waiting to be washed or sitting on the draining board. At least twice over the weekend I prepared the area by washing and/or putting dishes away but then didn't actually get to the task in hand before the dishes started piling up again (naughty dishes!). The second job I wanted to do was to continue wiping the cat hair off the patio chairs and preparing the patio for summer (hurrah!!!); the same three chairs that I cleaned one morning last week instead of getting ready for work (yeh, not really sure why) are still the only three that have been cleaned, only one of them is now dirty again as we had dinner out there with a friend on Saturday night and forgot to lean the chairs into the table and one of the cats sat on one of them. Needless to say I got neither of my two jobs done.

I did do all the laundry though, kind of essential given my limited wardrobe. And I've completed my tax return, which is due at the end of this week. I'm now just waiting for my spouse to complete his so I can submit it. I've also been nursing my sick cat who has been on antibiotics and eye drops since Friday for a cold, poor thing. He seems to be the mend now, thankfully.

And I spent a wonderful morning with Lucie on Sunday. We did my old favourite walk from her place, near where I used to live in Buddina, up to Point Cartwright, wandered round the headland, lazed on the beach, had a quick dip in the river and then enjoyed a coffee at the cafe there. Unfortunately my lovely morning, and the previous day's yoga session weren't quite enough to neutralise the stress I felt upon discovering case-making clothes moths munching away on our lounge room carpet. It's all but bald in one corner, with another heading the same way. And to top that off the vacuum cleaner broke whilst I was cleaning them up. I don't know whether to steam-clean it, treat it (not sure about having chemicals on the carpet what with the cats and that, but I suppose we can keep them on the patio for a few days), or replace it. There's already gaping hole revealing concrete from where we pulled the bar out, plus the rather random tiles that were behind the bar. So really, the whole thing could do with being replaced anyway, I just wasn't ready to do it just yet and it's such a large room it's going to cost us a fortune even if we choose a cheapie.

What with everything else we've got going on (final things for the baby, decorating the nursery, sorting out our spare room, finding a new car, not to mention boring maintenance I keep forgetting about, such as a termite barrier) I just don't want to have to think about it right now. But at the very least I'm probably going to have to research vacuum cleaners. Perhaps this is my chance to finally get the Dyson I've always wanted.

I put my maternity leave form in last week and I finish up at work on 9th January, which I think is only 10 and a bit weeks from now, plus I have at least a week off over Christmas. I actually think I need some time off before then, maybe even just a day this week or a long weekend sometime soon. I think that's why I'm so tired. I'm not sure whether to take a day's recreation leave or to take it as sick leave. I'm not sick but I could head that way if I don't rest up soon, and I have so many more sick hours accrued than recreation leave. Will have a think but I'll have to do it soon. I have a half day on Friday but to be honest I feel knackered thinking about it as I'm driving up to Noosa for Sue and Richard's citizenship ceremony. The following morning I am heading to a second-hand baby market with Lucie to look for bargains (specifically a change table for me) before yoga, and then we have a party at Libbette's place on Saturday night. I'm thinking I might need some downtime before then or there's no way I'll get through it all.

Oh, and I'm sure my belly expanded overnight again last night so I'll get another bump shot posted soon. And AJ is getting rather big and has started nudging my internal organs. I'm not entirely sure which ones (although I think the bowel got a bit caught up in it all) as I'm not accustomed to having my organs dunched, but suffice to say it's a bit unpleasant.

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