Sunday, April 27, 2008

Could it be giardia?

Did a pregnancy test this morning. Negative. Two options. Either I did it too early or there's something else up. Toby is now convinced he has giardia so I'm wondering if he has and if he's given it to me. Of course, he couldn't have gone straight to the doctor when he thought of it last week, could he? No, he's waiting until tomorrow. Two days before I fly out to England. I doubt he'll even have the results before I leave but if he does have it, it means I either have to faff around trying to see a doctor over there (not gonna happen, matey) or wait until I get back.

So I'll wait and see if my period comes (due the day I fly, oh joy!) and perhaps take the second test with me just in case it doesn't. It doesn't surprise me the test was negative. Whilst I've felt pregnant for the last week or two, I have always thought that I couldn't be... well, not so much couldn't be as wasn't likely to be. It's a bit of a relief as lying in bed last night I realised that if I was it was probably going to be due early January (haven't done the maths, this is just a guess) which is pretty much a Christmas baby. So I guess we're aiming for a March baby now because conception during May might be a bit tricky what with my trip to England.

Last night was a bit draining. I had two people ask me if I was pregnant. One said she'd had a premonition that I was pregnant and two friends were engaged. Later the same day we all got an email saying the same couple were indeed engaged. This was almost two weeks ago. Another friend asked if I was pregnant and, when I nodded at my glass of wine, asked when I would be. Oh, it was tempting to tell her what had happened but it was her leaving party and she was drunk and didn't need to know that stuff. It would have just been mean. Then I found out that another friend was expecting her second baby and was 12 weeks pregnant. I would have been almost 16 weeks by now. This friend would have found out she was pregnant just after we saw her and told her I was pregnant, just before, in fact, we found out I wasn't anymore. Weird. Made me really sad. And another lady is pregnant at yoga, probably around 12 weeks too. It seems I'm surrounded by people as pregnant as I should be.

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