Friday, April 18, 2008

And I'm not hungry either

And I'm getting that funny constipated, but not quite, feeling in my tummy.

Am I being paranoid?

I feel so similar to how I did when I was first pregnant... but then again it would be quite strange if I was... but then again I thought that last time... but it's so early, would I really be able to tell so early? It's only day 17. Maybe I'm running myself into the ground. Maybe I'm thinking about it too much.

Maybe I should just eat.

I did have rather a large breakfast so it probably makes sense that I'm not hungry.

But then I always have a large breakfast.

Then again, we did have morning tea this morning.

But I only had a rock bun, slice of apple and a cracker with some cheese and it's nearly 3pm and I'm about to have some toast because I'm feeling weary but I'm not hungry!!

Is there two of me or one of me? Well that's weird. I asked that question after realising I was having a conversation with myself and then realised the connotations.

I think I might be mad. Or schizophrenic (which is mad, really, although it isn't polite to say so these days). Or pregnant. Or something. Wibble.

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