Friday, April 17, 2009


Everyone loves seeing or making a baby smile and when you have a newborn people tell you that the first time your baby smiles at you makes all of the hard work and effort up to that point worth it.

But nothing can really prepare you for the feeling you get when your own little bub does look up at you and really smile. It's so different to just seeing a baby smile. It's not just a nice feeling, an "oh how cute" thought, it's an amazing feeling, an "I made this and I'm making it happy" thought, "I want you to stay like this forever" and "I want you to grow up to be amazing and healthy and happy" thoughts all at the same time.

Nothing makes me happier these days, or perhaps ever, than seeing Phoebe smile and when she looks into my eyes and smiles at me words can't describe my joy. It's the best feeling in the world and now that she's almost 9 weeks old I get to feel it every day.

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