Monday, April 20, 2009

Sleeping through

Phoebe "slept through" last night. At her age apparently all this means is a 6 hour stretch without waking. It isn't unknown for her to have long periods of sleep; in fact two nights ago she slept for 8 hours!! The difference last night was that it happened whilst I was also asleep and there seems to be a bit of a pattern emerging rather than just the odd good night here and there. When she isn't "sleeping through" she sleeps for about 5 hours early on then in 3 or 4 hour blocks.

However, this "sleeping through" came at a cost. Firstly, I went out with the ladies from a mums group I've been gate-crashing since before Phoebe was born. I fed her at 5pm then bathed her and got her ready for bed. I was going to give her a top up feed when she decided she'd rather sleep. Thankfully she woke up about 30 minutes before I had to leave so I fed her and settled her in her cot before heading out (late). I hadn't left any milk for Toby but was quite confident that she wouldn't want another feed until 10 or 11pm. I got home at about 9.40pm to find Toby wandering around the house with Phoebe in the sling. Apparently she'd woken for a feed an hour earlier. I got to bed at about 11pm and she didn't wake for a feed until 5.30am.

This morning I had my pilates session at the physiotherapist's centre. Phoebe had fallen asleep in her sling whilst I was tidying the house for the cleaner so I'd put her in her cot. She woke up about five minutes before we were due to leave. This did not make for an ideal pilates session. It is not easy to keep count of one's repetitions whilst also singing nursery rhymes. Nor is it easy, whilst on the reformer bed to rock a car baby restraint whilst doing leg circles and leg presses. I was all over the place. And it didn't entertain Phoebe for long. She was pacified temporarily by a feed but eventually the lady using the room after me (only I was still in there due to the feed) ended up giving her a cuddle and taking her on the vibration machine. That calmed her down but my workout ended up rubbish, rushed and with bits missed out, which isn't good as I didn't go last week when my family were here. She cried again when I put her back into the car seat, then stopped when I picked it up, then fell asleep in the car. She has since slept for most of the day. Bloody typical. In fact, I'm a little worried about her as she doesn't seem to want to wake up. We had a bit of a play earlier but basically she's just sleeping and feeding which is unlike her these days. Hope that doesn't mean she won't sleep tonight.

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