Thursday, April 16, 2009


Phoebe's favourite toy is the fan. She sits or lies and watches it for ages. Toby says to her in a very loud voice "fan!" so I won't be surprised if that's the first word she says. Her favourite game is The Sitty-Uppy Game where she grabs onto my fingers and I hold her hands with my thumbs and pull her up. She is very strong and pulls herself up and always seems very pleased with herself once she gets up there. She hates getting dressed so I've started playing the Sitty-Uppy game with her whenever we have to put on clothing with buttons down the back.

Today we went to see Phoebe's new friend, Amelie, one day old baby of our friends, Scott and Lucie. She is so tiny, it's hard to believe that Little Miss was that size just 2 months ago. She has a shock of black hair. Phoebe slept through the whole thing. I hope she becomes more interested in her friend as time passes. It really wouldn't do to visit a friend and then sleep for the entire time. To be fair to her we did have a stressful time getting to the hospital. After parking in the hospital's multi-storey car-park and catching a lift to the ground floor we encountered some posters announcing the hospital shuttle bus which appeared to be waiting for us as we exited the lift. We asked if we couldn't just walk and the man told us it was a fair hike across a construction site. He said it was no bother getting the pram in the back and holding Phoebe. Alarm bells rang when we got in and he started putting his belt on.
"Do I need to wear a seat belt?" I asked.
"It's probably best as I have to go onto the road," he replied.
At that point I should have left the taxi but I didn't really register what he'd said. I was sure that we'd be driving through the construction site on hospital grounds because surely no one would actually suggest holding a two month old baby in the front seat of a car on actual roads. Phoebe got really upset and started crying whilst we fastened the seat belt and sure enough, the crazy man did go out on the actual roads. I was terrified. All I kept thinking as I held my baby close to me was that a sudden brake could cause her neck to snap. And it wasn't even that far!! Needless to say we walked on the way back but by the time we got to Lucie's room and Phoebe was fast asleep in my arms I was quite upset by the whole thing. Seeing Amelie cheered me up. She's such a beautiful little bub.

Other Wonderful Adventures that we had today consisted of going to our parenting workshop. A lady came to talk to us about childcare but it wasn't that interesting or useful. I got much more out of talking to the other mums about it. And they seemed interested in my, and another mum's, experience using cloth nappies. They seem like a nice bunch of ladies. We also went to the Bubs shop to pick up a present from my Nana and Granda. It's a cool Lamaze octopus whose 8 legs are horns, each playing a different note. Oh what fun we'll, I mean Phoebe'll have.

We swapped her Newborn Huggies for Crawler Girl Huggies yesterday and I have just put one on her for the first time. It's massive on her and comes halfway up her back.

Oh! Just quickly before I go, Dr Parsons weighed and measured Phoebe on Tuesday. She's 5.5kg which puts her in the 85th percentile for weight. She's in the 55th for length... does that make her a porker? Another baby we met today, Ruby is five days older than Phoebe but visibly larger. Her mum weighed her and she was over 7kg!!!! So Miss P isn't that big after all.

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