Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Phoebe had her 8 week injections yesterday. The list of viruses she was immunised against is as long as her arm (with rather small text). I won't go into the palava we had regarding her Medicare card, or lack thereof, partially because I haven't already mentioned the palava I have had previously regarding completion of the Family Tax Benefit/Medicare for Newborn form. I still don't understand why those two things are on the same form. Perhaps one day I'll tell the story (damn government forms - argh!) but not for now as I'm limiting myself to five minute posts otherwise I'll never get anything done as my silence over the last two months is evidence of.

So I'm sure you're wondering how she got on yesterday. Well, she was already screaming by the time I got into the treatment room after the nurse administered an oral dose of what I assume to be the polio vaccination. Then her doctor joined us and stuck a needle in her right leg whilst the nurse simultaneously stuck a needle in her left leg. It was over within a few seconds and I was very impressed. They then left me alone in the room to give her a feed and some panadol (paracetemol). She calmed down immediately. For the rest of the day she was a bit more sensitive than usual and needed lots of cuddles and we spoiled her, let her fall asleep in the sling whilst we were having dinner. She's been quite spewey since, including one spectacular milky spewplosion after I administered her second dose of panadol at bedtime. She slept for almost 8 hours that night!!! I fed her at about 6.30pm and she didn't wake for a feed until 2.45am!!

Tonight we went out for dinner with my parents whilst my grandparents stayed home with Phoebe. It's the first time we've been out without her. I had expressed some milk this morning as she fell asleep after only one booby despite having gone almost 8 hours between feeds. Could this be a sign of her sleeping through the night? Probably not but it did mean that Nana could feed her if necessary. It wasn't necessary though. We settled her around 7.45 and got home around 10.30 and she hadn't stirred during that time.

She is being thoroughly spoiled by my family... but my time is up and I must stop writing. I'll be back tomorrow with more on The Wonderful Adventures of Phoebe Valentine. Lucie and Scott's baby was born this morning so one of tomorrow's adventures will be Phoebe's first encounter with little Amelie Bradley.

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