Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The good things

I should really be doing work rather than writing this, especially as I have just spent about half an hour writing a post for my other blog and prior to that we had a power cut for about an hour or so but once the creative juices get flowing, it's so terribly hard to stop them. Besides I have something to say, and you know me, I just can't keep quiet when there's something on the tip of my tongue.

Basically, I just wanted to briefly point out a few good things about not being pregnant.

Firstly, my main blog is benefiting significantly. The fatigue of pregnancy followed by the doldroms of miscarriage so sapped my creative energy that after whinging on this blog there was nothing left for my other one. Given that I'm pretty much the only person that reads this blog, this wasn't a good thing. Now I'm back on track and I just can't get the ideas out of my head and onto the website quick enough. Clearly I am going to have to figure out how to earn money from this little hobby of mine.

Secondly, I am feeling fit. I have had the energy and time to devote to my pilates and try to get my sciatica under control. It still bothers me but I feel so much stronger. I think the next step is to get in there with some deep tissue massage and try and work out the tightness. I've spent much of my time sitting on a tennis ball which is definitely helping and I'm thinking of seeking the services of my remedial masseur for a bit of a head-start. I'm feeling quite positive about it all though. It has also been great getting back into the gym, swimming and riding my bike after a long break.

Thirdly, I am feeling and looking trim, thanks to Toby's candida diet. I haven't been eating carbs (much) in the evenings and I reckon I look pretty good for it, certainly much better than I'd look if pregnant. Apparently I'd be half-way through my pregnancy by now. I certainly wouldn't be feeling trim that's for sure.

So, sure it sucks and there are hard times but hey! There are good times too. Hurrah!!!

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