Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile No. 11

I couldn't get a photo of this but I went to check on Miss Chief tonight after having left her to resettle Wee Bairn (a.k.a Happy One). In my absence she'd fallen asleep - hurrah! She'd also grabbed a long piece of metal belonging to her now unused guard rail, which is stored under her bed, brought into bed with her and was cuddling it. How funny and strange. I have just checked on again and she's now lying on it, which can't be comfortable. She's a little enigma, my girl. Give her all the right sleep inducing ingredients: a warm bath, a story in a dimly lit room, cuddles, kisses and little chats, a dark (but not too dark) and quiet room, relaxing music, a little bit of white noise, a foot massage, a hand stroke. And she struggles like anything to get to sleep. Yet once there she can quite happily sleep on a metal stick.

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