Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile No. 10: Playing in the rain

There isn't much about this weather that is making me smile. I'm normally fairly tolerant of rain but the last two and a half days are getting to me and it's forecast to continue all week (it's only Tuesday). Today has been dark, miserable and stuffy with incessantly heavy rain. We've been completely surrounded by water more than a few times today and our unfinished guttering system has been more like a waterfall in a few places. To top things off Miss Chief refused to sleep today. (I made her stay in her room for an hour though.) After a failed attempt to get out to the shops I suggested she put on a rain coat and boots and go play in the garden. She thought this was a great idea and had an absolute ball.

Singing and dancing in the rain. In the sandpit. With water coming over her boots.

Just look at that rain coming down like darts.

Recycling rain water: filling up the watering can with water running off the roof.

Clearly the grass must need to be watered.

Oh my goodness me! Just look at all this rain.

Gonna ride my bike until I get home. In the rain.

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