Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frozen, not stale

I went to a friend's house tonight. That was exciting, getting out by myself after dark, driving without any kids in the car, listening to whatever I wanted to listen to.

My friend was having a Thermomix demonstration. What a groovy little appliance that is. Is there anything that machine can't do? Well, yes, actually. It can't bake, toast or grill. It can't switch itself off (bit of a flaw for a $2000 machine, if you ask me; even my low-tech oven manages to do that), serve the food or wash the dishes. And it can't cook slow-cook meals, such as curry, super fast like our pressure cooker does.

But it can weigh, chop, grind, grate, mill, steam, heat, mix, froth milk, whip meringue, make creamy custard, butter, yoghurt, sorbet and ice cream (but it can't freeze it), knead dough, press garlic, and a ton of other things. In a two hour demo we watched her make (and then ate) citrus sorbet, garlic and spring onion dip, Italian bean pasta, cheesy bread buns, beetroot salad and custard (which I made; it was super easy and really yummy). She grated a whole block of parmesan and turned regular raw sugar into icing sugar.

But I totally digress.

This afternoon I baked zucchini (corgette) bread. (Note to self: must remember to write in book that I baked 2 loaves instead of 1, at 160c instead of 175 for 1 hour instead of 1 1/4 and they came out perfect.) Before I went out I was bagging up slices of the loaf to put in the freezer. I had also pulled a slice of raisin bread out of the freezer for Phoebe's afternoon tea tomorrow. I asked Toby to finish bagging the slices and pop them in the freezer. I then explained about Phoebe's bread, as he usually gets her daycare food ready, told him to pop it in the fridge and then butter it in the morning.

When I got home the slices were bagged but still on the bench along with the raisin bread. I fed Ash then came back out to pop the slices in the freezer and the bread in the fridge. The bread was gone.

"Where's Phoebe's raisin bread?"
"Oh, I had to throw it away because it got left out and went stale."

Not stale, Toby. Frozen. The bread was frozen. It was on the bench defrosting because it was FROZEN. Not stale.

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