Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm so tired I don't even know what to call this post. It doesn't even have anything to do with tiredness. I should just go to bed.

So Toby is really busy with some extra-curricular professional activities. It's something I definitely support him in, if it hasn't exactly come at the best of times for us. So only a few days after returning from Melbourne, after which he'd said he was going to take it easy for a few weeks, he's now writing an abstract for a presentation at a conference next August. A long way off, yes but the abstract has to be submitted tonight.

He is up all hours at the computer and sleeping in the spare room so he can get some sleep in order to get up at 5 with the kids (if and when required) and function at work during the day. Although he did somehow manage to have an afternoon kip yesterday whilst I walked Ash in the pram because it was the only way he would sleep unless in my arms.

All of which leaves me doing all those things normal wifey type wives do; getting up all night with our poor sick baby (just a cold and horrible cough but doesn't seem to be anything to worry about), entertaining sick baby and crazy toddler all day, doing all the laundry (nothing new there then), tidying the house (which ends up even more messy when Toby's head is in something else; believe it or not his unpacked suitcase is still on our lounge room floor over a week after his return), cooking dinner, feeding the cats and finally tidying the kitchen and getting the dishwasher on.

And what does he have the nerve to say to me at this point?

"You're making quite a lot of noise."

Excuse me Lord Muck of Muckity Manor, why don't you just fire me and hire a quieter maid then?


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