Friday, February 4, 2011

Little Parrot

Phoebe likes to repeat the last few words of phrases she hears us say. The other day I heard her say some classics.

First, in the morning, she banged on the patio door and shouted "bloody crows!"

Good girl. Saves me a job. Although I really should get a scarecrow sorted and not resort to teaching my toddler such language.

Later in the day as Toby was carrying her to the toilet to change her dirty nappy she was chanting "chunky poo, chunky poo", a repeat of his diagnosis after peeking in her nappy.


There's also a little story that she has been telling over and over again for days. It generally consists of some combination of the following words:

Percy, choo-choo, train, chocolate, all over, face.

She seems rather fixated and a little disturbed by it, and often uses hand gestures to emphasise the chocolate all over the face. She's told it so many times, often as soon as she wakes up, that I told daycare about it yesterday in case they were wondering what she was saying. It's all about an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, which she now refuses to watch. But she appears to have requested Percy, the train, with chocolate all over his face as her birthday cake. Hope she doesn't take one look at it and burst into tears.

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