Friday, January 28, 2011

No, wait! It's a girl!

This morning, eager to demonstrate to Toby Phoebe's ability to predict the gender of our baby, I said, "Tell Daddy what sort of baby we're having. Is it a boy baby or a girl baby?"

And Phoebe yelled, "Girl."

"Oh!" I said, "I thought it was a boy. Would you prefer a boy baby or a girl baby?"

And she said, "Girl."

Just to be sure I said, "Are you sure? You said you wanted a boy yesterday. Are you sure you want a girl baby and not a boy baby?"


Now I'm confused.

In other confusing matters, I'm looking for a baby car seat that will sit on our pram base. I didn't buy one with Phoebe because they are over $300 and it seemed a bit extravagant for something that you only use for a few months when you can hire one for $70. But it's one thing I really wished I'd had and I decided I'd buy one for our next baby, especially as this one will get shunted about a lot more than Phoebe, to and from daycare and other activities. I figure we'd spend $70 anyway and the re-sell value is pretty high on these so it's probably worth it.

I've been looking online to see how cheaply I can get one. I found one in a local shop for about $270. Not the cheapest but I figured maybe I could pick it up and avoid delivery costs, which would make it very competitive. I emailed the shop to find out if this was possible, and if not, what the delivery charge to my suburb would be. This was the reply I got:
We will price match the total of the online order including the freight in store. To pick up, simply make your order online and add in the comment box that you would like to collect from store.
To have it sent, just add your item to the cart and add your delivery details, the cart will quote you the freight.
Say, what? If I'm paying for delivery anyway why on earth would I bother going to the trouble to come to the shop to pick it up? Perhaps if I was homeless. There are two local online stores that seem unable to give me a delivery charge without first taking my credit card details. Call me cynical but this makes me nervous.

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