Friday, February 4, 2011

Poetry: Today

I stumbled across this poem this morning and thought I'd share it. I wrote this soon after Phoebe started daycare. I don't think it needs any other explanation really.

I pick you up and look into your tired eyes
I kiss your forehead and wonder have you cried

I hear your stories of adventure and fun
And wonder at all of the hearts you've won

I think of the many hours since I last kissed you
And wonder if you know how much I've missed you

I hear of all your latest falls and fears
And how someone else kissed your tears

You are my generous gift to the world
My gorgeous, funny sweet little girl.
How I wish that you were mine alone
And I could keep you safe at home

1 comment:

i heart food connect said...

Oh lins I just put your blog in my reader and came across this while munchie was taking ages to go to sleep and now this poem has made me cry. I used to fantasise about goig back to work when bubs was a colicky high needs cranky infant but now it's a lot more fun and I have forgotten all about work and childcare. Xxx janette