Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quick 41 week update

Gestation: 41 weeks
Days since EDD: 7
Weight gain: 14kg
Number of chocolates eaten today: None. Ha! That's been a whole 4 days. I have been tempted today though and did have peanut butter and jam on bread. But NO CAKE OR CHOCOLATE since Sunday. That must be unheard of over the last 9 months. Very proud of me.

Okay, so the latest is this. I went to see Dr Stokes for a CTG today. I thought they'd strap me up to a monitor but no, I had to actually hold the thing in place. So my left hand was holding a doppler thing to my belly which recorded the baby's heartbeat and my right hand held a button I had to press whenever I felt a movement, the idea being that when the baby moves its heartrate increases. Damn thing was asleep, wasn't it? So I prodded it and it pushed its foot out... we like that game. Seems that baby can play it in its sleep though as it didn't do much to the heartbeat.

Meanwhile, Dr Stokes, who is also a fertility specialist, was on the phone to a local radio station doing a live interview about the octuplets born in America a couple of weeks ago. He was discussing the fact that legal guidelines in Australia prevent any more than two embryos being implanted during fertility treatment and said that it's usually only one. America has similar guidelines but the difference is that clinics in Australia are audited whereas there are no such checks in America.

Eventually Ajie woke up and stretched and the heartrate went up. A couple more movements like that a few minutes later and the midwife was happy to let me get up. 

Dr Stokes said that all seemed to be well. The baby and I are both healthy and the baby shouldn't get any bigger so unless labour starts before then (which he now doesn't think it will) I will see him for another CTG on Monday afternoon and then go to hospital to have my membranes artificially ruptured on Tuesday. So, at the latest we'll have a baby on Tuesday.

I am now playing Jet's Get Born to the baby as a BIG HINT of what I think it should do before the day is through. Then it would be born on Darwin's 200th birthday. Much better than Friday 13th or Valentine's Day if you ask me.

Oh, I forgot to mention the other day that I had a dream that the baby was a girl and a couple of times since then I've found myself calling it by our girl name. This might just be because we only have one girl name and three boy names but I now have no idea whether to expect it to be a boy or a girl. A couple of days before this dream Mam had a dream that I phoned her up and said "it's a girl" although she didn't tell me this until after I'd had my dream. Hmmmmm..... only 5 days until we found out. Unless the baby follows Jet's advice and gets born.

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