Friday, November 28, 2008

Just a quickie - 30 weeks

Well, it seems like a milestone and I had lots I wanted to say but Grandpa died yesterday and that has been occupying my mind more than much else. It's pretty hard to be sad when you have a little life kicking away inside of you but I am definitely feeling reflective and a little homesick. I am spending a lot of time remembering Grandpa and thinking about, and communicating with, my family.

I'm experiencing a few aches and pains but nothing too bad, just a bit irritating really. My hips sometimes get sore and I'm feeling a bit large... bump shot on its way when I get the chance. My shoulder gets sore at work and I (as usual) have days where I just can't focus. I have also been experiencing unpleasant pains in my abdomen, mainly at the top of my uterus on the right-hand side just under my ribs. I think they are Braxton Hicks contractions. Usually they are what I would describe as sensations and they occur all over my abdomen but three nights ago I started experiencing them as pains in this one spot. As you'd expect with a muscle contraction, they would last a few moments then ease up. It wasn't a dull constant ache like I get with my shoulder. I put it down to one of two things: overdoing it and eating a spicy curry. After the contraction had eased, the area around it sort of felt bruised (woh!!! Major squirm just occurred that took my breath away) and my ribs were painful for a couple of days. The pains came again the following afternoon so I left work early and had a rest. That eased them up. Now I just get them very mildly at bedtime. It seems to be a sign that I should go to bed and that's how I'm taking it.

In other news, the heartburn and sleeplessness have been back again this week. I think that might get worse when I'm overtired. We had a crazy weekend shopping for lounge furniture and this one isn't looking much better. We're heading over to Andrei and Karen's to catch up with family tonight and give Zoe her birthday present. Tomorrow after yoga we're doing a First Aid for Babies and Children all afternoon with the yoga group. It will be full on but useful and fun. On Sunday we're baking my birthday cake and the Christmas cake and hopefully finishing our shopping and finally choosing a sofa. Toby's mum and dad are coming round so I'm going to show them my ideas for the nursery. I have written a MASSIVE to do list today. I don't know how we're going to fit it all in. We can but try.

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