Monday, September 8, 2008

Mini bump

I finally got Toby to take a photo of my bump last week. Unfortunately it's a bit blurry but it'll have to do.
This was taken at almost 18 weeks. It was only five days ago but I think the bump has got bigger since then so we'll have to take another one. 

By the way, I love being pregnant again. I think baby had a massive growth spurt last week and made me hungry, tired and irritable. It probably didn't help that I was spending every waking hour with my nose in a teen vampire romance novel that Libbette had loaned me, rather than meditating and doing yoga and other relaxing things that must be good for the baby. Betty has now passed on the second and third books in the vampire romance sequel so I shall have to be very disciplined not to let the same thing happen again. Anyway, I did a bit of yoga at the weekend and spent some time in the garden and I'm feeling much better. I also went to the gym on Friday night which probably helped.

Another thing which must have helped is that I finally bought myself some new clothes. I got a pair of maternity trousers (bargain buy at only $15 due to some minor fault), a pair of black maternity cropped trousers for work, also quite cheap, a very comfy pair of black cropped jog pants for bumming around in which I absolutely love and will probably wear to death, a t-shirt for the gym as most of the ones I have are getting a bit short and tight, a new gym bra in a slightly larger size, a maternity floaty yellow t-shirt (very summery) and a red maternity tankini for the pool and beach. I wore my tankini to the pool today and swam 650 metres in it, which I think is a jolly good effort after the appalling night's sleep I had. I am sooooo tired!!!

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