Friday, November 25, 2011

"If" for Little Boys

I have just taken all of Asher's new baby cards down in preparation for putting some photos up and also Christmas cards. I couldn't help but read through a few of them, such precious memories of a very special time in my life: the birth of my last (intended) baby. I wanted to share the lovely words from this card from my Gran, who had two baby boys. They sum Ash up perfectly.
If he wins your heart the moment that his tiny life begins.
If he amuses you for hours with his giggles and his grins...

If he has a way of smiling that can steal your heart away.
If he grows more cute and lovable with each and every day...

If his eyes are filled with wonder and he doesn't miss a thing.
If he knows just what he likes and rules your household like a king...

If he fills your world with happiness, your life with pride and joy,
Then he's everything he should be - he's your darling baby boy!
In the bottom right-hand corner of the card my Gran has written "P.T.O" and hidden on the reverse of the paper lining of the card is the following:
"Unfortunately Chris & Mike changed in their teens!"
 Something to look forward to then. Until then I'll make the most of these wonderful pre-teen years.

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