Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Now talk

I've been trying to teach Phoebe some rudimentary table manners. She's developed some disgusting habits in the last few weeks, namely blowing spit bubbles, showing us what is in her mouth and talking with her mouth full. I've been teaching her that she should keep her mouth shut and not try to talk until she's swallowed what's in it. So after spending a couple of mealtimes practicing this she now swallows her food, opens her mouth wide and says, "Now talk", whether she has something to say or not.

A little while back she learned that Mammy and Daddy had names, other than Mammy and Daddy. Now whenever we ask her the name of something, for example, "What did you hurt? What's it called?" she answers, "Lindsey". She pronounces Toby, "Poby". This morning she was sitting on the sofa when I left the room.

"Lindsey, no," she said. "Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey. Come and sit down, Lindsey. Come and sit down."

And whilst I'm on the subject of Phoebe and talking and food, two of her current words are "rockermelon" for rockmelon (love that) and "umpet" for crumpet.

I think Phoebe's birthday finally ended yesterday with a rather fantastic electric keyboard from Nan. It plays tunes, makes noises, has drum tracks and even a microphone, which is by far Phoebe's favourite part of the whole thing. She likes to put it in her mouth and make noises. She also likes to get a drum track going and dance around the sitting room.

The theme of her birthday was definitely Peppa Pig. To go with the small plush Peppa, Peppa suitcase on wheels and book that she got for Christmas, plus the plate, dress and DVDs she already had, she received:

• 2 Peppa Pig birthday cards
• a Peppa Pig tote bag
• a knitted Peppa Pig, which my very clever Nana made
• a plush ballerina Peppa, which snorts when you squeeze it (and which has been my alarm clock via the baby monitor the past couple of mornings)
• Peppa vest and knickers
• Peppa socks
• Peppa sun hat
• Peppa rash/sun/swim suit
What a lucky girl.

I'm going to finish with a photo of Phoebe enjoying a babycino at a cafe after her swimming lesson this morning. I feel quite lucky to have a toddler that I can enjoy a coffee with and look forward to our Tuesday morning outings. I take some lunch for her and it gives the cleaner a chance to get finished up before we get home and means that Phoebe can just go straight to bed. She's usually knackered after her swim.

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