Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Height of confusion

So the next night she slept right through until 5.30am! My boobs were so hard and painful that I got her up for a feed before she started with the hungry noises. She seemed pretty grateful.

So that was that. All back to normal again.

Or so we thought!

Last night she was a bit out of whack at bedtime. We did everything pretty much as we usually do: 

1700: walk, sleep in pram
1800: feed
1830: bath
1900: feed
1930: bed
1945: sleep

So far so good, until:

2010: wake up, apparently hungry, therefore feed.
2100: back in cot, sleep again.

And not only that but what would usually look somewhat like:

0600: wake, feed

actually ended up more like:

0100: wake, reswaddled
0230: wake again, hungry, got food this time.
0245: back in cot, happy
0630: wake, feed.

What the???

Then, tonight, exactly the same thing, only last night she was easy to settle after her random post-bedtime 8pm feed and tonight she was a little minx. I think she wanted to stay up and play but we were quite strict and insisted this was her bedtime. You have to instill good habits in them from an early age. And besides, House was on and it was the season finale!

So god knows what tonight will bring but if this pattern continues then we may have to change our tactics slightly although I'm not sure quite how just yet.

I've started using my MP3 player to record her various noises. My sister and I used to love recording our voices when we were young, back in the days of tape recorders; I remember how every now and then the tape would get mangled and either record too quickly or play back too slowly and our voices would be all distorted and we'd scare ourselves thinking we'd recorded a ghost in the room. I was actually disappointed when I figured out what was really going on. I used to love listening to old tapes recorded when we were really young. Clare's voice was so cute. I remember one in particular when we were singing Hickory Dickory Dock but Clare couldn't speak properly and she'd say "Hick dick dock mouse an cock". Another recording is of me reading The Three Little Pigs and getting annoyed with Clare interrupting me. I wonder if Dad still has those old tapes. No one has cassette players anymore; what would we listen to them on? 

Perhaps Phoebe will like to listen to her cute little baby noises when she's older. I also think it might help us interpret her cries, plus it'll be really interesting to hear how her noises change over time. I tried to record her with the camera but that was way too distracting for her. She'd stop talking and just stare at the camera.

Speaking of which, I thought you might like to see a cute little movie of Phoebe playing on her activity mat this morning although to be honest, it's probably only appealing to grandparents and aunties, and of course besotted parents. You'll see her hand-eye coordination is improving as she is actually able to delibrately hit her toy. You'll also hear Toby sliding the outside door open and shut and flip-flopping past between the bbq and the kitchen as he cooks up bacon and eggs for breakfast. Yum!

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