Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The countdown begins (38 weeks)

Gestation: 38 weeks and 5 days
Days to EDD: 8
Weight gain: 14kg
Number of chocolates eaten today: One chocolate brownie.

I have just had my penultimate visit to the obstetrician, assuming of course that I don't go vastly over my due date and have to see him to discuss induction in two weeks. The good news is that all the hard work I have put into getting Ajie to turn anterior over the last week (spending time sitting upright, on my hands and knees, sleeping on my left hand side slightly on my tummy, walking, swimming breaststroke and avoiding the rocking chair to name but a few activities) has paid off. Ajie is now lying in the optimum position for birth, known as left occiput anterior, that is, bub is facing my spine with its spine to my left-hand side, its hands down the bottom and its big foot over on my right-hand side (as usual). According to Dr Stokes its head is way down low in my pelvis, which I'm hoping means fully engaged. It certainly feels that way. Since last night I have felt a lot of pressure down low in my pelvis, on my bladder and bowel. It feels quite strange and, at times, rather uncomfortable, so I'm hoping I don't have to put up with it for too long.

Which means, of course, that I should probably ramp up my preparations and get all my little jobs done.

The baby is being quite interactive lately. We seem to be able to play little games with it which is very cute. When we talk to it, or prod it, or pat my tummy, it responds by pushing its foot out. I rub its foot and it moves it around. Toby was having great fun playing with it the other night. I can't wait to see the big foot for real.

We have our list of names ready and just need to see what flavour Ajie comes out as and what it looks like. Oh, and of course hope that we agree on it.

Other than that there is little to report right now. The ladies in my internet forum have started having babies and a friend from yoga had twins last week, a boy and a girl. It's all very exciting and seems to be babies, babies, babies. I'm hoping that our pram will arrive soon and apparently the sofa will get here on Friday. And not a moment too soon. I'm so restless in the evenings and finding a comfortable position is difficult. My lower back is very tight but not sore, my mid-back, however, is aching by late afternoon. I have been spending some time most days at either the pool or the beach doing breaststroke and just floating around to relieve the pressure somewhat. And right now I'm popping out for a walk, although I'm a little nervous about leaving the air-con. It's been so hot and humid here lately. At least we're not having a 40C heatwave like some places down south. Ug! I would not be able to cope with that.

I have uploaded new photos to the Baby Clewett album but for some reason do not seem able to add that album as a slideshow on this blog. So here's the link: Baby Clewett and bump photos

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