Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have you lost weight?

At lunch yesterday a female colleague said to me:

"You look like you've lost weight lately? Have you lost weight?"

Well, isn't that something a three-month pregnant lady who's becoming increasingly aware of her non-flat belly loves to hear?

The strange thing is, I actually have lost about 1kg in the past two or three months and I was supposed to put about that amount on. I put it down to losing muscle from doing less exercise, although I have replaced it with chocolatey fat and amniotic fluid so I haven't really noticed it, especially around my tummy. That said, my tummy does seem a bit flatter this week than last week. I suppose in pregnancy you're still prone to fat and thin days and maybe as I'm approaching the end of the first trimester the bloating is starting to go away.

But anyway, it was still lovely to hear and I should appreciate it because I probably won't be hearing any more compliments like that for quite a while.

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