Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eating bogies with a spoon

Phoebe loves to pick her nose. It's a disgusting habit that I've been told helps her to develop her fine motor skills. Seems more like a gross motor skill to me. Her table manners also leave much to be desired. When she's bored or full or just not interested in what she has on her plate, she throws food on the floor, or over her shoulder, or spreads it across the table, or pushes her dish away with gusto. But she has always impressed me with her ability to use a spoon since a young age.

Last night, however, she went one step further and combined her love of nose-picking with her spoon skills. She stuck the spoon up her nose. Brings eating bogies to a whole new level. It might be a disgusting habit but at least she uses a spoon.

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