Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Phoebe, Destroyer of Furniture

And Books, In Particular.

Phoebe is teething again and this time is chewing everything within reach with a vengeance.

When I go into her room after a nap her face is covered in flecks of white paint, evidence of her feeding frenzy on the cot. And following many such gruesome naps, the cot itself is in a sorry state. I took some photographs today:

The view from the inside of the cot

The head of the cot, where I find her standing covered in paint after every sleep.

We popped out to get some bread this afternoon. Phoebe likes to look at books in the pram and in the car so I handed her a book on shapes. She ate that too. Completely chewed the corner of it. The last time she did that was when my mam bought her a buggy book (a book that straps to the pram) when we were in England. Phoebe was about 5 months old and was teething with her first two teeth, which came through very soon afterwards. She annihilated the book so badly we had to confiscate it and throw it away. I confiscated the shape book today. She can have it back when she stops trying to consume the cot.

So, any advice as to what I can do to save the cot? I'm a bit concerned that Phoebe is going to start swallowing bits of wood as it has started to flake. Current thoughts are to dash in as soon as I think she's awake but that's not always practical; to place a rusk and/or teething ring in the cot when she goes to sleep but I'm not sure she'll even notice it's there; to cover the damaged section with parcel tape or something but she'll probably just eat the tape and/or move to another section of the cot and start destroying that.

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