Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So what did you do today?

I was thinking earlier this evening, if Toby comes home and asks me what I did today, what would my answer be?

Well, I was feeling very blah today, tired with a sore throat. Having fed Phoebe at 10pm last night (after attempting to have an early night due to feeling unwell) and then again at 3am, I fed her in bed at 6am this morning before finally dragging myself out of bed around 7am for breakfast. After eating breakfast with Phoebe, who wasn't overly interested in hers, I put her down for her morning nap and went for a nap myself.

So today I napped. I also:
  • walked to the shops for bread and milk;
  • attempted to construct a new laundry hamper (only to find the bag of screws is missing and it needs to be returned to the shop);
  • took out the rubbish;
  • cleaned out the kitchen bin;
  • vacuumed the lounge room floor;
  • picked up Phoebe's toys, various half-eaten magazines and the contents of my handbag which she had strewn across the floor;
  • swept the tiles and mopped the floor where Phoebe eats;
  • put on a load of washing;
  • chatted to a friend on the phone who later came around for a cup of tea and another chat;
  • emailed some work colleagues;
  • wrote a to-do list and searched the iPhone App Store for a better to-do list app;
  • had a snack in front of the telly whilst Phoebe was sleeping so that I could have lunch with her when she woke (wish I'd known she was going to sleep til 3.45pm);
  • sang Phoebe to sleep twice;
  • breastfed Phoebe twice;
  • prepared food for Phoebe three times, then sat with her whilst she played with said food three times, stuck some of it in her mouth and spat most of it back out again and then cleared up said food remnants three times;
  • read four books to Phoebe;
  • massaged Phoebe twice;
  • pushed Phoebe around the house on her little bike* and then comforted her and put a cold compress on her head after she fell off the bike onto a toy she was after;
  • danced with Phoebe;
  • changed Phoebe's nappy three or four times and scraped poo off one of them.
Funnily enough when Toby got home he did ask what I did today, only what he actually said was "so what did you do whilst Phoebe slept for four hours today?" Why then, given the above list, did I feel like I'd done nothing and that I had to justify how I'd spent my time?

* The "bike" has four wheels. Bike comes from bicycle as in two cycles right? So what are four cycles? A fourcycle? A quadcycle? Does that make it a quike? Or a quake? A fourke? Or a quad bike?

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