Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Dream

After yoga on Saturday a friend of a friend, whose baby is due the same week as ours asked if I'd dreamt about my baby yet. I'd had some really vivid and weird dreams, not all of which I could remember, but couldn't recall specifically dreaming about the baby.

Last night, in a bizarre collision of personal and professional, past, future and present life references, I did.

The dream was based in the office, not the office that I actually work in but an office that I was working in. I was no longer pregnant, having very recently given birth, remotely. Imagine that!

"I was wondering if it is absolutely necessary for me to be present at the birth? I'm not sure I can get the time off work or whether my sensitive nature can handle it."

"No, Ms Buckle. We anticipate a perfectly normal, uncomplicated birth. We don't require you to be there."

So somehow the baby had found its way from my womb to an incubated crib in another area of the organisation. Assuming I was working at the University, perhaps she was in the Nursing department of the Faculty of Science, Health and Education.

I was visited at my desk by someone I worked with at HSBC seven years ago. He asked me how I was; I asked what he'd been up to since moving to Sheffield. He denied ever moving to Sheffield. (I woke up this morning thinking, "he did move to Sheffield; I'm sure of it.") I hadn't been overly fond of this chap when we worked together and, deciding it was about time I visited my baby, I made my excuses.

There was a suite of about nine cribs in the corner of an office. They were all full of baby girls with black hair and different faces, and names beginning with A. I had given my baby girl the temporary name of Alsace, after the server that was operating her crib and, in real life, the name of the server I use for web development. I'm not sure whether this was the first time I'd seen her or not. It seemed to be at first but then I knew what she would look like so perhaps not. At first I went to the wrong crib and cooed over someone else's baby. The receptionist in the office laughed at me just as I thought, "hang on; she doesn't look right". I then noticed a different name on the cot. I found my baby and picked her up. She was tiny and unbearably cute and I loved her instantly but was incredibly disappointed that she insisted on sleeping during the whole bonding experience. I wanted to see her eyes.

Then I went back to work. Later, I discovered a wormhole/portal from a museum or concert hall (not sure which) in Brisbane to a really impressive music hall in London. I used this frequently to visit my family in England. This was illegal as I wasn't paying for it, nor had I been invited to use it, so I had to be very discreet.

Weird dream or what?

By the way, I weighed myself this morning (before breakfast) and was 2kg lighter than I was on Monday. So I've only put on 1 or 2kg really. Ha! Mrs Midwife, 5kg, my ar.....

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